Collaborate with Electric Monk Media to tell your story. Our film and screen work includes documentaries, music videos, TV commercials, corporate videos, marketing and post-production work. Our new media work results in apps and games rich with AR and VR. Electric Monk Media will strategize with your team on how best to share your story.

And we can be trusted to keep a secret. At Electric Monk Media, some of our best work is in R&D that helps entrepreneurs and investors bring their ideas to market. Our connections with the top thinkers in industry and from high school, college, and university programs leads to cutting-edge insights, rapid prototyping, and sage advice for our collaborators.


The SSHRC-funded Embodying Empathy project is a multidisciplinary critical and creative project that is using emerging digital technology to construct a virtual Canadian Indian Residential School in partnership with Survivors, Indigenous commemorative and education agencies, archivist, scholars, and technology experts. The project is community-based and collaborative, with questions of ethics, trauma and accessibility  considered in the consultation process.

Over the past four years, Electric Monk Media has participated as an industry partner, working with the Human-Computer Interaction Lab and the English Media Lab at the University of Manitoba to help build and test prototypes of the IRS. Development is ongoing and production is expected to begin in 2018.


Our relationship with the CFBTS goes back over ten years. Electric Monk Media is trusted with producing the CFBTS fundraising calendar and providing marketing materials for their events. The five-day shoot is heavy on fire, special effects, and creative locations with the end result always ranking amongst the top 5 firefighter calendars in the world.

Since 1978, the CFBTS has raised over $8 million for renovations, equipment and training for the Burn 


Excerpts from Marketing Magazine, August 10th, 2016:

Recycle everywhere is challenging consumers in Manitoba to take a break from Pokemon Go and try out a new augmented reality (AP) app designed to encourage recycling. Created by Dash Agency is collaboration with Electric Monk Media, the Recycling Starts Here app was designed to increase awareness of the blue recycling bins the organization operates around the province. Consumers who download the app can point their phones at any blue bin, which will prompt a digital experience that tells them what items can and can’t be recycled. The launch for the app comes just a few weeks after Pokemon Go’s massive popularity put AR technology at the forefront of mainstream consciousness.”

Letters To Our Children follows women from ten different countries that write letters to explain what brought them to Winnipeg and their hopes for a future here. They attempt to express their struggles and triumphs in what becomes an illustrated book of letter to their children.

Letter To Our Children was produced by Krahn Communications in association with Electric Monk Media. Our roles included cinematography, production management, editing and post-production. The documentary had a first-window broadcast with MTS Stories from Home, a second-window broadcast with CBC absolutely Canadian, and is distributed by Flame Distribution (Austrialia).